Structural engineering services for 15 flats in Rochester

Nov 2022

What We Did For The Client:

Client Background:

Our clients, seeking to maximize the potential of their property, approached us to transform the existing structure into a modern, mixed-use development. Their goal was to enhance the property's value, contribute to the local community, and meet the increasing need for both residential and commercial spaces.

Scope of Work:

Structural Calculations: Our team conducted thorough structural calculations to ensure the integrity and safety of the building. This involved assessing the existing structure, designing necessary reinforcements, and incorporating modern construction techniques to meet the project's requirements.

Building Regulations Compliance: Adhering to local building regulations and standards was a top priority. Our team navigated through the regulatory landscape, obtaining the necessary permits and approvals to ensure the project met all legal requirements.

Mixed-Use Development: The project included the construction of five ground floor retail units, enhancing the property's commercial appeal. The upper levels were dedicated to the development of fifteen self-contained flats, providing much-needed residential spaces.

Challenges Faced:

Structural Integrity: Transforming an existing structure into a mixed-use development required careful consideration of structural integrity. Our team worked closely with structural engineers to implement the necessary modifications while maintaining the building's stability.

Regulatory Compliance: Navigating through local building regulations can be complex. Our experts successfully managed the regulatory process, ensuring all necessary permits were obtained and the project adhered to safety and environmental standards.

Successful Completion and Client Satisfaction:

The redevelopment project in Rochester was completed on schedule, and the clients were highly satisfied with the results. The modernized property not only met but exceeded their expectations, providing a valuable addition to the local community.

Continued Collaboration in Edenbridge:

Buoyed by the success in Rochester, our clients expressed confidence in our abilities and subsequently engaged us for their new project in Edenbridge. This ongoing collaboration reflects the trust our clients have in our expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality results. While details of the Edenbridge project are still emerging, our team is excited to be part of another transformative endeavor. The success of the Rochester redevelopment has set a positive precedent, and we are eager to bring our experience and innovation to the development in Edenbridge.