Planning Process

things to consider

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When applying for planning permission, you need to consider several things.  Does your proposed extension, loft conversion, change of use or development come under the full planning permission process or is it covered by permitted development?

Your Local Authority Planning Officer will want to see drawings that show the proposed development from all the angles that will be affected – front, rear and sides.  These are called ‘elevations’.  They will also want to see drawings for the existing ‘elevations’.

You will also need a ‘site plan’ and a ‘block plan’.

Our service – for a flat fee – does all of this for you.

Once agreed these drawings and plans are then submitted to the Local Authority Planning Department.  Accompanying this are relevant forms that need to be completed.

Again, we do all this for you included in that same flat fee.

Occasionally, the Planning Officer will decide that the only way permission – or a Certificate of Lawful Development – can be granted is if some changes are made to the drawings.

Again this is included in our original fee.

Once submitted, the Planning Officer will make a decision.  The statutory time in which the Planning Officer has to make a decision is 8 -13 weeks from the date of the application being validated.

Once that decision has been made and planning permission granted, we call you to tell you the good news.

We make it simple for you.

Once that is done, you will need to submit a Building Regulations application.  You have told them ‘what’ you want to build – this stage is telling them ‘how’ you want to build it.

Again, we can do this for you if you wish.  It does mean more waiting time and so we can submit both at the same time, if you wish, to save time.

Here at family run STAAC, we aim to make the first stages of building your dream run as smoothly and as stress-free as possible.  Our fees are unbelievably competitive. And we work with clients through East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey and London – in fact the whole of the South East.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call now and let us get started.