Single Storey Rear and Two-Storey Side Extension with Hip to Gable Loft Conversion in Ashtead, Surrey

Ashtead, Surrey

What We Did For The Client:

Client Requirements:

  • Create a modern, spacious, and functional kitchen with an island and a view of the garden.
  • Design a separate utility room.
  • Ensure a clear view from the front door to the rear of the house, allowing natural light into the hallway.
  • Develop an L-shaped kitchen-dining-living area with space for a sofa and TV.
  • Incorporate a large skylight in the rear extension.
  • Include a side access door.
  • Remove the existing garage and shed.

Design& Build : STAAC (Strategic Team for Design and Construction)

Project Completion: Ongoing

Client Profile: The clients are a lovely couple residing in Ashtead, Surrey, who were looking to transform their existing home to better suit their lifestyle and family needs. Their vision was to create a more open and inviting space while maximizing natural light and connectivity with the outdoors.

Project Details:

Design Phase: The project commenced with a thorough consultation process, where STAAC's team worked closely with the clients to understand their requirements and desires. The primary challenge was to integrate a single-storey rear extension, a two-storey side extension, and a hip to gable loft conversion into the existing structure seamlessly.

STAAC created a design that met all the clients' specifications:

  1. Kitchen Layout: An open-plan L-shaped kitchen-dining-living area was designed with a prominent kitchen island at its center. The island included a hob,     providing a social and functional focal point. To achieve the desired view of the garden, the sink was placed beneath a window facing the rear garden.
  2. Utility Room: A separate utility room was incorporated into the design to provide practical space for laundry and household tasks, keeping the main kitchen area clutter-free.
  3. Hallway Design: The designers ensured that when entering through the front door, there was an unobstructed view through the house to the rear, allowing an     abundance of natural light to flow into the hallway area. This design element created an inviting and open atmosphere.
  4. Skylight: To flood the kitchen-dining area with natural light, a large skylight was installed in the rear extension, creating a bright and airy ambiance.
  5. Side Access: The design included a side access door, providing convenient entry to the property from the side garden.

Construction Phase: Once the design phase wascomplete and planning permission was secured, the construction phase began. The existing garage and shed were demolished to make room for the new extensions.The project required careful structural planning to ensure that the house's integrity was maintained throughout the transformations.

Result: As of the completion date provided, the project was ongoing. However, the clients were excited about the progress and were looking forward to enjoying their revitalized home once construction was completed. The design aimed to create a modern, spacious, and functional living space that aligned perfectly with the clients' vision and lifestyle.

STAAC was committed to providing the clients with a seamless transitionfrom design to construction, ensuring that the final result met their expectations for a contemporary, well-lit, and highly functional home. The project in Ashtead showcased the STAAC’s expertise in fulfilling the specific requirements and desires of their clients while adhering to local planning regulations and structural considerations.

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