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Feb 2024

What We Did For The Client:

A couple living abroad harboured the dream of returning to the UK to build their dream home. Their vision was a modern, cozy house that offered expansive open spaces, an abundance of naturallight through extensive glazing, and a connection with nature. They entrusted STAAC with the realization of this project, aiming for a home that balanced aesthetic appeal with functional design.


  • To create a 4-bedroom house with a built-in garage, embodying modern architecture with cozy living spaces.
  • To ensure the house is south-facing, maximizing sunlight exposure and providing views of the garden and surrounding greenery.
  • To integrate sustainable and high-quality materials in the construction, ensuring durability and a contemporary look.

Suppliers and Materials: The project was brought to life with the help of various suppliers, each contributing to different aspects ofthe house, in detail:

The Design and Build: The heart of the design was big, open living spaces that merged seamlessly with the outdoors. The ground floor, featuring aspacious kitchen, dining, and living area, faced south and opened directly intothe garden. The design included a double-height space in the living room for additional light. The exterior combined render, wood cladding, and extensive glazing for a modern, welcoming look. South-facing master bedrooms offered stunning views, aligning with the homeowners’ desires.

The Outcome: The dream was realized with a home that balanced modern elegance withthe warmth and functionality of a family space. The careful selection of materials and suppliers ensured quality and sustainability. The design’s emphasis on openness and light achieved a living space that is not just beautiful but comfortable and inviting. This project stands as a testament to STAAC’s expertise in marrying modern architecture with the clients' dreams.

Our build partner Jon Allen and the Conserve team, turned detailed plans into reality. This collaboration resulted in bespoke design and construction, leaving the clients thrilled with their new home. Jon, reflecting on the success of this project, took a well-earned vacation, leaving behind a legacy of satisfied clients and a home that’s a true masterpiece. Now, with just the garden's final touches waiting for some dry weather, the dream home is nearly complete.