Concept Design for Seaford Medical Practice

Jul 2019

What We Did For The Client:

STAAC’s concept design for Seaford Medical Practice.

As a local resident with a family Ashley wanted to come up with a design that would be of the greatest benefit to the community.

The design team at STAAC have developed a scheme that we believe is financially viable with 2900 square meters of Medical space and 4000 square meters of affordable housing units or 80 new homes.

The affordable housing could be rented out to pay for the funding on the development costs. Should the medical facilities need to expand in future years then the housing could be used

The overall scheme is designed to have a steel transfer grid built over the existing surgery. This will then allow for the surgery to be fully operational whilst the work is completed.  Staff parking will be doubled by utilising scissor lifts in the existing car park.

The project will be carbon neutral by utilising the roof space for renewable energy and could quite easily be positioned on the Salts directly behind the existing surgery.