Internal reconfiguration of floor plan and home extension

Feb 2023

What We Did For The Client:

Lovely couple residing in Seaford, decided to embark on a journey to reconfigure their home to meet their needs. Their project aimed to create more space, enhance natural lighting, and improve the overall functionality of their home. They chose to convert their garage into an ensuite bedroom with a skylight, add skylights in the kitchen/dining area, and extend their home to accommodate their growing family.

Project Overview:

1. Garage Conversion with Skylight in Ensuite:The first phase of the project involved converting their existing garage into an ensuite bedroom. This space would offer a more comfortable living arrangement for guests and a master bedroom retreat for the family. A skylight was included to introduce natural light and provide a unique design feature.


  • Structural changes required to accommodate plumbing and wiring for the new ensuite.
  • Ensuring the skylight was appropriately positioned to optimize natural light and maintain privacy.
  • Compliance with local building codes and regulations for the conversion.

2. Skylights in Kitchen/Dining Area:The next phase focused on the kitchen and dining area, where the family often congregated. The addition of skylights aimed to brighten the space, making it more inviting and energy-efficient.


  • Integrating skylights seamlessly into the existing roof structure.
  • Minimizing any potential leaks or heat loss.
  • Ensuring the skylights could be opened for ventilation

3. Home Extension:The final phase of the project involved extending the home to create more living space.


  • Maintaining architectural consistency and harmony with the existing structure.
  • Ensuring the new extension would meet the family's needs for years to come.
  • Managing the project's budget and timeline.

The family's internal reconfiguration project in Seaford was a resounding success. The conversion of the garage into an ensuite bedroom with a skylight provided a beautiful, comfortable space for guests and the family. The addition of skylights in the kitchen/dining area significantly improved natural lighting, making the space more inviting and energy-efficient. The home extension accommodated the couple's needs and provided functional living spaces for years to come.

This project not only enhanced daily life but also added value to their property, making it an inspiring case study of a successful internal reconfiguration in Seaford.