Bungalow extension and loft conversion in Brighton

Aug 2023

What We Did For The Client:

Project Vision: To transform his existing bungalow into a more spacious and modern living space through the addition of a double storey extension and a loft conversion.


  1. Maximizing Space Efficiently: The key challenge was to extend the bungalow upwards and sideways without compromising the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the existing structure.
  2. Navigating Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring that all aspects of the project met local planning permissions, building regulations, and structural requirements.
  3. Design Integration: Seamlessly integrating the new extensions with the original bungalow to create a cohesive and attractive design.

Our Approach:

  1. Initial Consultation: We started with a detailed consultation with our client to understand his vision, preferences, and requirements. This helped us to tailor our approach to meet his specific needs.
  2. Planning Permissions: Our team navigated the complex process of obtaining planning permissions, ensuring that the proposed extensions were in line with local guidelines and restrictions.
  3. Architectural Plans: We developed comprehensive architectural plans that reflected clients vision while optimizing the use of space. These plans were crucial in visualizing the final outcome and guiding the construction process.
  4. Structural Calculations: We conducted thorough structural calculations to ensure the feasibility and safety of the double storey extension and loft conversion. This step was crucial for guaranteeing the integrity of the entire structure.
  5. Building Regulations: Our team ensured that all aspects of the project adhered to the necessary building regulations, focusing on aspects like safety, energy efficiency, and accessibility.


  • Transformed Living Space: This bungalow was successfully transformed into a modern, spacious home with significantly increased living space and functionality.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The extensions were designed and constructed to blend seamlessly with the existing structure, resulting in a harmonious and visually appealing home.
  • Increased Property Value: The additional space and modern upgrades significantly increased the property's market value.

This project exemplifies our commitment to transforming our clients' visions into reality, overcoming challenges through meticulous planning, expert execution, and a client-centered approach. This bungalow in Brighton stands as a testament to our ability to deliver high-quality, bespoke home transformations.