Bracknell Forest Home Renovation

Bracknell Forest

What We Did For The Client:

In Bracknell Forest, a dynamic and transformative homerenovation project was undertaken by a client who opted for the Platinum Package, seeking to enhance their living spaces. The project's primary objectives included increasing the size of the bathroom dormer, designing a family bathroom with a vaulted ceiling, creating a single-storey rear extension with a pitched roof, and maximizing natural light throughout. The result is a stunning and functional home that seamlessly blends modern design with traditional elements.


Project Scope and Objectives:

The client's vision encompassed multiple aspects, which were skillfully integrated into the project:


Bathroom Dormer Expansion: The first goal was to expand the bathroom dormer to match the existing structure while ensuring that the tile design remained consistent throughout.


Family Bathroom with Vaulted Ceiling: The second objective was to design a family bathroom with a vaulted ceiling, creating a sense of spaciousness and luxury.


Single-Storey Rear Extension: The extension was to be equipped with a pitched roof, with the option of using oak framing or accents to harmonize with the existing house.


Maximizing Natural Light: The client's desire for anabundance of glass in the single-storey extension meant that maximizing natural light was a key consideration.


Interior Layout and Design: The interior layout and design of the extension, including the placement of furniture, was crucial to achieving the client's vision.


Garden Wall and Steps Design: Additionally, the project called for the incorporation of an immediate garden wall and steps design on the floor plan.



The Bracknell Forest project is a stunning example of the successful execution of the home renovation. It has not only met but exceeded the client's expectations:


Enhanced Living Spaces: The extension, with its vaulted ceiling and abundant natural light, has transformed the dining area into abright and welcoming space.


Aesthetic Harmony: The oak accents and framing beautifully complement the house's existing design, creating a sense of aesthetic harmony.


Functional Elegance: The family bathroom combines functionality with elegance, offering a tranquil retreat within the home.


Seamless Integration: The project seamlessly integrates modern elements with traditional architecture, demonstrating a keen sense of design.


The Bracknell Forest project, executed under the Platinum Package, exemplifies how careful planning and creative design can breathe new life into a home. This case study highlights the successful transformation of living spaces to meet the client's dreams and needs, leaving an enduring impact on their home and lifestyle.