About Us

Staac architectural planning and structural engineers

Our role.

Renovating and improving a property can be stressful. Making a house a home – turning a dream into reality – is often emotional, and emotions can get in the way of dealing with regulations and legislation. It’s scary, conducted in a dialect of English most people don’t speak, and it often represents a very significant financial commitment. Because they do it so rarely, most homeowners know very little about what they need to do to convince planning officers to consider and approve their plans – the rules, the regulations, the role of local precedence. To be frank, they wouldn’t know their Party Wall Agreement from their elbow; their amenity from their incongruity. Well, we told you planning has its own dialect… 

At Staac, we take the emotion out of the planning application process. Provided we believe your plans stand a good chance of gaining local authority acceptance if presented in the right way, our practical, experienced practitioners will calmly steer your application through every step of the planning process. From first brief to securing planning approval certificates, via preparing and crafting council-ready plans and technical drawings, we provide all the support you need to make your dream home plans come true.

Our values and principles.

  • ACCURATE: Attention to detail is critical in planning – of legislation and regulation, just as much as weight-limits for RSJs and load-bearing walls. Our middle name is Accuracy.
  • STRAIGHTFORWARD: We keep it simple, every step of the way.
  • EXPLICIT: We believe in open, honest and transparent communication throughout our engagement with our clients.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE: We have a fixed menu of fees to deliver value with no hidden extras.
  • REALISTIC: We only take on jobs for which we know – through our knowledge and experience – stand a very good chance of securing council approval.
  • EMPATHETIC: We’re really good at putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes and addressing the challenges you face as if they were our own. We’ve been there before.
  • TIMELY: We’re confident you won’t find another specialist who can go from briefing to faultless technical drawings and through planning as quickly as STAAC.

Our purpose.

To turn everyday houses into extraordinary homes.

To make homeowners dreams come true. 

To take the pain and friction out of homeowners’ structural improvement plans. 

We take the pain, the strain and the emotion out of the planning permission process to let our clients live and attain their dream.